Emerging from Milwaukee's diverse music scene, "Lost In A Name" defies easy categorization with their blend of anthemic party pop and shreddy prog metal in a way that bridges the gap between Coheed & Cambria's intricate musicality and Fall Out Boy's infectious energy.


True to the spirit of their Midwestern roots, Lost In A Name has tirelessly carved their own path, booking DIY tours that have taken them to intimate venues and music festivals across the country. Their performances are not just about entertainment; they are a sonic journey that captivates the audience, showcasing their intricate musicality.


The band's journey to recognition reached new heights as they shared stages with notable national acts. From the raw energy of Austin John of Hinder to the virtuosic prowess of Animals As Leaders, and the classic rock vibes of The Spin Doctors to the alternative anthems of Thrice and Collective Soul, Lost In A Name has proven their ability to seamlessly blend their progressive nuances into diverse musical landscapes.


The band's sonic tapestry has extended beyond the live stage, with their music making waves in various mediums. Lost In A Name's tracks found a home in the Netflix movie "Innocents," adding a cinematic dimension to their repertoire. Their music became the sonic backdrop for WWE wrestler Tony Nese, bringing an extra layer of intensity to the wrestling world. Additionally, their tunes became a staple in the pre and postgame shows of the Chicago Blackhawks, resonating with sports enthusiasts and music lovers alike.


Currently working on some big new projects for 2024, Lost In A Name is gearing up for an exciting chapter in their musical journey. Stay tuned as they unveil their latest creations, promising an immersive experience that reflects their thematic depth and versatility.


As Lost In A Name evolves, they stand as a testament to creativity, collaboration, and a fearless commitment to forging a unique sonic identity. From Milwaukee's local stages to the global music scene, Lost In A Name is on a trajectory to leave an indelible mark on the world of music.